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May 19, 2010

Chickens or Not?

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I’ve debated on whether or not chickens should be included in discussions about gardening. Judy and I are into our 4th year of keeping  chickens and have a current flock of  88 including laying hens and young pullets as well as cockerels for meat.

Judy holding one of our new chicks.

Back when I was an Agriculture Agent decades ago, the answer to the chicken/garden question was pretty simple: no, chickens are classified as small livestock, not garden produce.  This is the assumption I have been working under with this blog and so, have not discussed poultry at all.

Times have changed and so many people have asked me about chickens that I have decided on a compromise.  I will discuss raising backyard chickens in another forum and not try to do so at length here in “All things green”.

I plan to post a short blurb here when there is something of interest on our other site regarding poultry related issues.

So if you are intrigued by poultry at all, you may want to check out Yellow Farmhouse Garden.

You can follow the development of our 50 baby chicks as they grow, sort of like Jim Carry’s movie “The Truman Show“.  Right now you can see episode #1.


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