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May 14, 2010

Chance of Spring Frost Nearly Over

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We have arrived at the middle of May and that signals the beginning of the main part of our gardening season here in Southeastern Michigan.

According to records kept by the National Weather Service, the chance of a late spring frost happening at this time of the year is around 10% in the Monroe County Area.

NOAA has developed this map to show the chance of temperatures reaching 32 degrees or lower.

I know that even in the northern part of the Lower Peninsula gardeners are thinking pretty seriously about setting out plants even though it is fairly common to get a frost as late as the end of May in their neck of the woods.

The Upper Peninsula is another story.  For example at Tahquamenon Falls or other places in the UP like the small town of Herman there is still a 10% chance that the temperature will get down to 32 degrees as late as July 11th. Anyone who has camped out at Tahquamenon Falls State Park can tell you that it can get pretty chilly there in the morning.

For us “trolls” living¬† below the bridge, it is time to get busy gardening.


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